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Happy New Year! Let us help you make 2020 your most successful year yet with these tips and tricks for your next trade show.

Find the Best Exhibit with Our E-Book

Are you looking to make a big impact this year? Trade shows are a great way to generate leads, network with industry leaders and leave a lasting impression. However, to be successful, you need the right exhibit display to properly showcase your brand and leave a mark. If you’re looking for some direction to get started, we have the perfect resource for you: The Booth You Want For the Budget You Have E-Book from Nimlok South Florida. This e-book is jam packed with everything you need to plan and execute your next trade show, including exhibit types, lead times and price points.

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Captivate Crowds

If you’re a regular at trade shows, it isn’t uncommon to see the same type of displays at every event. While there is nothing wrong with a tried and true display, there are some things you can do to take your exhibit up a notch and capture your audience’s attention as soon as they hit the trade show floor. By utilizing fun games, giveaways, tech integrations, product displays and immersive campaigns, attendees will be more likely to remember the experience they had at your display, resulting in better brand retention and more possibilities to grow your business.

Get inspired by these 10 successful interactive exhibits in our e-book:

Choosing the Right Company to Build your Display

As we kick off the New Year, now is the perfect time to optimize your face-to-face marketing strategy. If you have plans of attending a trade show to showcase your business and get more leads, you need the right company to help, whether it is your first exhibit or your 100th.
We have a few tips to help you find the right partner for your trade show display:

Know what you want

While a fully fleshed out idea is not necessary, it is helpful to do your research prior to reaching out to companies for help building the display of your dreams. Get an idea for the size display you want, your timeline for completion and a rough budget estimate before you start looking. This will help make it easier to narrow down your search.

Look for variety

Your trade show needs may evolve and grow over time. It is important to look for a trade show partner that can go through these transitions with you. Look for a trade show builder with experience in a variety of trade show display designs. Not only will this ensure you’re making the biggest impact, it will make things easier for you when you can get everything you need all in one place.

Can they Communicate?

When it comes to your trade show display, there is often quite a bit of communication between the exhibitor and the builder. You should be able to tell right off the bat which companies are responding to your inquires in a timely manner and which are not – making a big difference as an exhibit comes together. The right trade show partner will be open, transparent and responsive to ensure they are meeting, and hopefully exceeding, your expectations.

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