Custom Modular Displays for your Next Trade Show

As a business owner, your company is continuously growing and evolving. That means you need a trade show display that can adapt with you. At Nimlok South Florida, we have the perfect solution to that need: custom modular displays. These displays provide you with an exhibit that is personalized to your needs but they also have the ability to change and grow as you do.

Our standardized components, which offer a greener approach, lay a foundation for the custom trade show exhibit you have been dreaming of. These displays can then be reconfigured to fit any space or need you may have, without having to worry about the longevity or re-usability of the display components. Whether you need a smaller inline display or are looking for something larger to really stand out, we specialize in creating custom modular displays, including Off-the-Shelf Modular and Custom Modular exhibits.

Why Custom Modular Displays from Nimlok South Florida are Right For you:


The biggest benefit to these displays is how much you can customize them to your business. The reps at Nimlok South Florida will build your display specifically for you – and because custom modular displays can be scaled up or down, they are a more affordable option.


As your business grows, every dollar counts. With a custom modular display from Nimlok South Florida, you can use one exhibit for multiple events or trade shows throughout the year. Components of your display can even be used in your lobby or office and retail space when not in use at a trade show or exhibit.

Solution for Every Space

When you’re planning on marketing your business at multiple different venues and events throughout the year, it is important to have an exhibit that not only fits your current needs but that’s also scalable. Custom modular displays offer the scalability you need without sacrificing your branding or messaging. A large inland display can be easily broken down into smaller displays, which can be used at your next event or in an office space.

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