Modular: Custom or Ready-Made

Modular Displays: Custom Or Standard?

Modular displays are ideal for exhibitors that are looking for a custom-looking exhibit that can be adapted from show-to-show. There are two types of modular exhibits that are appropriate for different space, time, and budget needs: Custom Modular and Standard Modular. Made with standardized components as building blocks, modular displays are ideal for exhibitors that are looking for unique displays with customized branding.


Custom Modular Exhibits

Friendly, helpful, proficient and professional, Nimlok authorized dealers are certified industry experts, who will not only inspire, guide and manage your exhibition booth design project from concept to completion, but who will also transform your goals and objectives into a success-driven tradeshow strategy. See Nimlok exhibition displays that leveraged strategy to achieve results.


Standard Modular Exhibits

Nimlok custom exhibit designs are focused on bringing your brand to life with displays and environments built to dazzle attendees and maximize your face-to-face marketing efforts. No matter what your company’s needs, our exhibit designers approach each and every project as an ‘original,’ incorporating a wide range of aluminum extrusions, laminates, fabrics, media and graphics resulting in an exhibit that’s uniquely yours.

Why Choose Custom Modular Displays

System-Based Solutions

Modular designs feature exhibits that are easily assembled, disassembled, shipped, and stored. They give you the ability to reconfigure your exhibit for multiple venues and uses.

Dynamic Design

Nimlok’s innovated channel systems and fabric structures allow for endless design possibilities that can grow and change with your brand.

Environmentally Conscious

Made with high quality and recyclable aluminum components supports longevity and reusability. Plus, our custom modular systems maximize container space to reduce shipping costs and environmental impact.

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