Captivate your Audience, Make your Messaging Visible and Give your Trade Show Display Exhibit New Life

captivate audience visible messaging

When you’re marketing your business, every dollar matters. Get the most out of the resources you put in to your face-to-face marketing events and trade shows this year by giving these helpful tips from Nimlok South Florida a try.

Captivate Your Audience With the Latest Elements

When an attendee leaves a trade show, you want them to remember you instantly. Without brand retention, it is much more difficult to maintain and nurture the leads you obtain from your trade show. Make sure they don’t forget your messaging by enhancing your brand’s story with our new Vector Frame™ Dynamic Light Boxes. These light boxes provide your display with an illuminated and easy-to-read message in any space. They feature programmable LED light curtains, vibrant graphics, a durable frame and they are available in 4 different sizes to fit your needs.

Fabric Display Solutions – Add branding to Any Space

Opportunities to attract new business are everywhere; you just need to be taking advantage of them. With our high-quality, durable fabric display solutions you can easily add branding to any interior space. Our sophisticated displays are ergonomically shaped to deliver your messaging in a variety of atmospheres. We have crafted our collection to include magnetic and illuminated displays, as well as many other stylish options for you to choose from.

Make Your Message Visible From Every Angle

One of the most effective ways to stand out among the crowd is to take advantage of all of the space in your exhibit. A custom handing structure not only gets your name and message out, but it also provides dimension and aesthetic to your display with chandelier-like accents. Additionally, large towers adorned with your business’ branding can be placed throughout your display to grab people’s attention and promote your messaging from every angle. Counters can also be utilized for storage during the event, and as a hub for networking and conversing while showcasing your company’s character.

Breathe Some New Life into Your Exhibit

It is easy to get comfortable with your display and trade show presence, but don’t be afraid to give your exhibit a facelift in the New Year, especially if it is showing wear and tear from being moved between events. Freshening some worn down or tired elements in your exhibit can help you protect your investment by extending the life of your display. It is also a cost-effective way to evolve the elements in your design to align with your current messaging or promotion. At Nimlok South Florida, we have a variety of off-the-shelf and custom options to choose from, and we can save you even more money with our rental programs.

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