Quality Service From the Trade Show Experts

For more than three decades, Nimlok South Florida has continued to provide everything needed for a successful trade show or event, without the hassle of coordinating a dynamic exhibit or the fear of going over your budget. We partner with our clients to bring their visions to a reality and help them surpass their face-to-face marketing goals.

Here are a few of the services we provide:

Concept to Completion to Results:

When you’re ready to start marketing your business with an effective trade show display, the team at Nimlok South Florida is here to assist you from concept to completion. Furthermore, we will help you create and optimize your trade show strategy to set you up for success. Whether you have an idea in mind or are looking for guidance on the right display, we are happy to help.

Comprehensive Designs:

Our goal is to help you maximize your face-to-face marketing efforts. One way to help you meet your objectives is to create custom exhibit designs that will capture attendee’s attention while highlighting your messaging. Every project we take on is treated as an original display and we work to organically incorporate an array of elements into your exhibit design, in addition to bold fabrics, graphics and messaging to uniquely showcase your company.

Custom Fabrication:

In order to stand out, it is important to provide our clients with custom fabrication services to help them envision and build something completely original to their brand. Our team can create displays out of just about anything you can imagine, including wood, glass, steel, plastics and alloys. When paired with our dedicated craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing facilities and state-of-the-art printing and technology capabilities, you can bet the end results will be just what you imagined and more.

Bold Graphics & Messaging:

It is a lot harder to get your point across at a busy event when your graphics and messaging are lackluster. Fortunately when you pair with Nimlok South Florida that will never be the case! We pride ourselves on being able to produce consistent, high-quality graphics for all our clients. Thanks to our G7® Master Print specifications, we can ensure an accurate color match for every project every time.

Logistics Management:

Coordinating the logistics of a trade show is often the most complicated part of these events. But with Nimlok South Florida, we can take the hassle out of exhibiting by providing select services that will simplify the process of getting there and getting your message out – no matter the location.

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